Opt Out

Moovweb provides a mechanism for site owners to opt-out of being remixed by Moovweb. A website with the opt-out mechanism in place will prevent all future Moovweb remixes of the site.

  1. Purpose
    1. Establish that you are a site owner.
    2. You do not wish to have your domain(s) proxied by Moovweb.
  2. Process

    To enable the opt-out mechanism host the following file on your domain:

    • The file must consist of only the word DISALLOW in uppercase.
    • All subdomains of the domain where the file is hosted will also disallow proxying.
    • Put this file on all domains that you wish to opt-out of proxing.
  3. Examples

    Example 1

    Given the files/domains below, part of the site has disallowed proxying.

    • Files

      • http://www.site.com/noproxy.txt
    • Domains

      • http://www.site.com/ -- DISALLOWED
      • http://alice.site.com/ -- ALLOWED
      • http://bob.site.com/ -- ALLOWED

    Example 2

    Given the files/domains below, the whole site has disallowed proxying.

    • Files

      • http://site.com/noproxy.txt
    • Domains

      • http://www.site.com/ -- DISALLOWED
      • http://alice.site.com/ -- DISALLOWED
      • http://bob.site.com/ -- DISALLOWED